329 - Maker, in Whom We Live

Tune: From Strength to Strength

Boy, this is a terrific tune!  But it's hard to disassociate it from the original text, "Soldiers of Christ, arise and put your armour on!".  If you don't know Soldiers of Christ, check out the old red book, #171.  The military language may be a bit much, but if we could have only one militaristic text in Common Praise, it's too bad that we got Onward Christian Soldiers and not Soldiers of Christ, Arise.

Musically, this one's a hoot to play and to sing.  Text-wise it's okay, although there are some unusually bumpy mis-alignments where weak syllables fall on strong notes, and the rhyme scheme of the text does not follow the overall structure of the music.  But it's definitely worth learning and using as the last hymn in the service so people end on a cheerful note.