339 - From Glory to Glory

Tune: Sheen


For many years this hymn was used every week during the Anglican Community Eucharist at Saint Paul University as the hymn at the dismissal.  The text comes from the final blessing in the Liturgy of St James. 

The thing about this hymn is that the text lines are long, and the music is generally unfamiliar, making it a little awkward to introduce the first time -- it's not immediately obvious.  The first time we sang it at SPU, our chaplain came to me afterwards and complained that it was too difficult.  I asked her to give it a few weeks, and to let me know if it grew on her.  Sure enough, she grew to love it, and told me recently that she looks forward to singing it every week.

SPU students should memorize this hymn and sing it without looking in the hymnal.  It's not that hard, and memorizing things is good for your braincells.  Besides, for those who are working toward ordained ministry, you need to have lots of stuff memorized and immediately accessible, so learning this hymn by heart is a good way to get used to memorization.  Remember that the second verse begins TGWBL-11 : Thanksgiving, Glory, Blessing, Worship and Love, 1 heart and 1 song.  Practice it a few times, and you'll get it.  TGWBL-11.

I've always found that the rhythm seems to die between the third and the fourth line, because it is so different than the previous two phrase endings. Eventually I decided to add a few left-hand/pedal notes to keep the rhythmic pulse moving along, like this: