726 - Holy, Holy, Holy Lord

Music: Byzantine, arr. Saint George Black

This is especially for use with Eucharistic Prayers 4 and 5, which have the response "Glory to you forever and ever" in the preface (music=#730). It's a very nice setting, but in my experience most people find it a little high to sing, especially that sustained high F in the tenor part. Try moving it down a tone to F -- it's a bit warmer than G, and easier for people to hear their parts and sing. This is a tricky one for people to just pick up; if you're going to use it, figure out how you'll make it succeed, maybe making sure that the choir knows it well, or that you have people planted in the congregation who know it well (especially the tenor line), or that you teach it before the service.

Nine times out of ten this piece will collapse at the change from 3/4 in the second line to 4/4 in the third line. Point it out to people, and make sure that your trainer singers are aware of the pitfall. Once people get it in their ear, this is an enjoyable Sanctus to use, but if they stumble every time, they'll dislike it and won't want to bother learning it.